Monday, 15 November 2010

on creativity

On Creativity

Here are an exciting selection of inspiring thoughts from the teachers, creative practitioners and LEA staff who attended exciting minds.
'Being creative is what makes us human, who we are. If you can’t even imagine how to get out of bed then you don’t exist. It’s as fundamental as that.'
Claire Marshall, Creative Director, ArtSites Birmingham

'How do you extend creativity across the curriculum? Creativity shouldn’t be in the domain of purely artistic disciplines. It’s about making teachers and pupils aware of creativity through collaboration – seeing traditional disciplines in different ways.'
Graeme Rose, Education Co-ordinator, Stan’s CafĂ©

'Creativity is about original thought. It’s important to instill this in young people at an early age - that they should challenge and test what’s already happening, their own abilities. Creativity goes hand in hand with education and in order to have original thinking you have to have imagination.'
Kirstie Davis, Associate Director, Watford Palace Theatre

'From a creative point of view you try and make the curriculum fun and exciting for the kids. Making it more pupil centred, they will begin to take responsibility for their own learning, which should have an overall impact on their performance.'
Helen O’Brien, Teacher, Clavering Primary School, Hartlepool

'Creativity and learning are the same thing. When we learn it’s a very active process of making meaning and sense. There is a strong case for saying the two things are indistinguishable. So to talk about uncreative learning is as silly as talking about passive learning. What people from creative backgrounds can tell us is that there are many forms in which creative learning can manifest itself.'
Miles Tandy, Aspect Leader Curriculum and Pedagogy, Warwickshire County Council

'Learning comes from the inner depths of yourself, the soul. If you feel proud of yourself and have self esteem then the sky’s the limit. You can take charge of your learning and you’re happy with your learning. It’s all about trying to get the disengaged engaged. It’s difficult but through creativity it’s possible.'
Tony Metcalfe, Head Teacher, Clavering Primary School, Hartlepool

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