services to schools

“I am aware that children are being more and more manipulated by the media, which is driven by pop culture and consumerism. I am more interested in children learning to be thinkers, makers, carers and doers.” 

“Art permits certain ways of perceiving, knowing, responding to and interacting with the world, using different kinds of symbolic language that employ certain modes and conventions.
Art can frame how we are able to understand experience and ideas. Art values a personal, emotional response. Art is about ideas. It is essentially about making meaning.”

“Making things to crystallize thought, to symbolise and communicate meanings.”
Eileen Adams

“As adults it is our role to facilitate and support children’s depth of learning. By respecting children and taking time to make observations and connections with the children’s thinking, we can refine our own efforts in supporting their learning more effectively.”

“Think of Creativity as a way of understanding in all children, not the preserve of a few talented individuals.”

Mary Fawcett and Penny Hay creativity in the early years

inset for schools                                                          
arts workshops
curriculum development
community work
arts as therapy
becoming reflective
a play ground for ideas   

Inset for schools
basic art skills and confidence boosters through clay, textile and drawing workshops

cross arts across the curriculum
 immerse yourselves in history learning through drama, music and visual arts

curriculum development
bespoke schemes of work developed alongside teachers that promote cross curricular learning

art activities for teaching assistants, empower and enable quality arts learning 

Identity based work,
 personal and relevant starting points that develop a love of learning 

Learning journals 
develop the use of a sketch book as a reflective tool for child initiated learning

whole school community
parents and carers workshops exploring and understanding diversity