Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Think inside the
Gillian Robinson, Alison Mountain and
David Hulston

Sadly, sketchbooks have gone out of
fashion and in consequence, to a large
extent, so has the sort of thinking,
recording, exploring, drawing and
observational skills that they
encourage. As John Steers says in the
preface to this exciting book: ‘How do I
know what to do or make until I can
see what I’m thinking?’
The book looks at sketchbooks (or
what might better be described as work
journals or day books) in the context of
providing a non-threatening active
space for exploration, play, selfevaluation
and reflection. There are
chapters that explore the definition of
sketchbooks, the many different people
who might use one – from school
student to blacksmith, painter and
illustrator, their value and use, and how
to start using one. And, spiral-bound
and very much sketchbook-like itself,
this excellent book is full of wonder ful,
varied and inspirational ideas and
images. Essentially this is a book for
art teachers, but equally it has much to
offer anyone who should be using a
Oliver Lange