Thursday, 4 December 2014

the horrors of war art scheme of work

art scheme of work published for amazon kindle
war through a childs eye
suitable for ks2 studying ww1 or ww2

the horrors of war for amazon kindle

amazon kindle schemes of work

a map of me. art scheme of work available for kindle click here

what is a book?

What is a book?
A year 4 response as a thought stream

Everyone loves a book a book is for life

A book can keep a secret for you

A book makes you sleep

A book gives you answers

People write books

Books are funny and fun

A book can be a person

Flash book

A book is for when you get back and are sleepy

It can give you an idea

A book is like a personality books are important because knowledge is power

A book is entertainment

It is something you can read and maybe it can help you with your life

A book makes you sad

It can help you in life

A book has mind movies

A book is not only something to read

It is a special thing