learning without labels

Aim; to begin to understand how objects speak

·   Develop ways of interrogating objects.

     Use curiosity to inspire creative learning.
·  Understand processes and explore their use in  teaching and learning

What is memory? Are memories real?  Where can we keep memories?

Do objects contain memories? Trigger emotions? places?


Interrogating objects, photographs, visualising

When I hold this object I think of --------------------

Remember where you were, that time, that

place, the 

people around you, the sounds around you

listening to the questions children ask will inform how we facilitate learning

some questions

How do you make it? Is it a skeleton? What’s inside? Is it a dinosaur? What’s it called? Is it full of treasure? Can a mouse live in it? Where does it come from? Is it a feather pen? How can you wear it? Who’s in the photo? Who will know the answer? What is it? Where is it from? What is in the box? Is it a deadly crocodile? Can you open it? Is it a real bone? Is it wooden? Does it make a sound? I’ve seen it at home but forgot.
Can you wear them? Where do you get that from? Is it heavy? How old is it? Is it smelly? Why have you got it? Is that a map? Is it special? Can I look inside? How do you open it? Look at this I can hear something.
This looks nice. It is so old. It looks like a marble. It shines. How does it feel? A dragon’s skull! A question book? Were there wheels a long time ago? Where did you get these things from?

Did you buy it from a shop? What colour is it? Is it wood or soft? What shape is it? Is it an animal?
What is it about? Have you been there? Did you go to your grandmas? House and did she give it to you? What’s that called? How much did it cost? How do you spell Dubai? How does it work? Where did you find it? Did you put that collar on? Who made that doll? Are these people? It doesn’t make sense.
Is it a diary? Did you find it or make it? Who’s that? Who are these people? How do you close it? Is it from another country? Who are all the other people? Does it bite? How fast can you go? Are you the champion? Are you telling the truth? Is it real? Is that your family? Are they Victorian? Which way is it? A different language. How long have you had it? Why is it orange inside?