Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Saturday, 26 June 2010

“I am aware that children are being more and more manipulated by the media, which is driven by pop culture and consumerism. I am more interested in children learning to be thinkers, makers, carers and doers'

eileen adams (the big draw)

Monday, 21 June 2010

Once you have a voice and are feeling valued, your confidence builds and you no longer worry about making mistakes or being humiliated.
Then the sketchbook provides a space for experimentation and it becomes your playground.
With growing confidence the child feels able to take risks, understanding the value of ‘going wrong’ and learning from ‘mistakes’

‘Let your children’s lessons take the form of play'

Let the sketchbook become a playground for ideas, take risks and remove failure

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


northern quarter a collaboration with the band on the wall
Sonic visual crossover Mapping Expression zones Audible marks Texture
Experience Memories Identities Emotional routes
Evolving manuscript Resonance

a power map
A map containing memories, emotions, history and sound,
urban mythologies, attachments and echoes

Being willing to play is one of the conditions of creativity.

The fascination with what is strange is, like play, a step to creativity

‘An intimate history of humanity’

Theodore Zeldin

recognising creativity a staff audit

We can be creative when we
  • are open minded
  • explore
  • play
  • go into the unknown
  • push boundaries
  • reflect
  • take risks
  • are confident
  • are enthusiastic
  • are positive ‘ I can’ mentality
  • are adaptable
  • motivated
  • free to think
  • are original
  • make emotional connections
  • independent
  • listen to others
  • share ideas
  • draw on personal experience
  • use imagination
  • observe
  • feel good about our selves
  • express
  • use tools
  • are willing to try
  • are resilient
  • dare
  • are bold
  • believe in ourselves

Thursday, 10 June 2010

a container
a museum
a collection

whole school project explores curiosity,
as long as we keep asking, we keep learning

spring grove primary huddersfield

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

What are the main benefits of using sketchbooks throughout primary?
Using a journal allows the children to take control over their own learning, offering a space for idea development, exploration, play and self evaluation and reflection. Reluctant writers are encouraged to make marks, give meaning and tell stories in a none threatening and creative space. It a space they have control and ownership over and is therefore more engaging and inspiring. If we are involved, have a personal interest and emotional connection with our learning then we are less stressed and under less pressure and ultimately content. Under these conditions I believe we learn
How exactly are they used throughout each school, how much say does each teacher have in how they are used?
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